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We dedicate our efforts to improve the health of our patients through the use of intensive care and physical therapy with sophisticated modern technology to provide a unique level of service which have never seen before , And because we are bound by our commitment to provide the best medical and health care levels.
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  • Adress: 42 Elmoltaka Elaraby distract - Autostrad -Sheraton beside B auto show room.
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Contact Us: 01011264969
  • Tree of Life Center
    The Tree Of Life Physical Therapy Center uses proven, evidence-based, cost-effective interventions to treat acute and chronic pain, as well as neuromusculoskeletal injuries involving work, competitive sports, and weekend warriors.
  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
    A hands-on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Treatments may include mobilizations or manipulations of soft tissue and skeletal joints. Manual therapy techniques aim to decrease pain and increase function.
  • Physical Therapy & Sport Medicine
    Sport injury can range from simple sprains, bruising and overuse to more serious issues like dislocated joints and muscle tears. An ounce of prevention can be worth much more than just a pound of cure – it can mean saving a season or even a career.
  • Diet & Body Reshaping
    we can help you turn your dream of weight loss into a reality & enjoy Healthy Amazing Body
  • Medical Massgae & Soft Tissue Release
    Massage Therapy targets the muscle and fascial systems promotes flexibility and mobility of the body connective tissue mobilizes fibrous adhesions increase blood supply and relax hypertonic muscles which relive Stress & decrease pain.

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Obesity and Clinical Nutrition

Unit provides following services: -Therapeutic Nutrition and weight loss programs. -Topical lipolysis and body sculpture. - Integrated sports programs to lose weight and strengthen muscles.   The Unit contains the following hardware:   * Measure your body components (fat - muscle - liquids - bone). * Topical Sculpturing machine by freezing (cryo lipolysis). * Topical lypolysis by high frequency ultrasonic (cavitation). * Topical lypolysis by (Cold laser). * Tighten the skin and wrinkles and contouring by (Radiofrequency).

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Manual therapy and massage

Manual massage Types: -Medical massage -Relaxation Massage. -Relieving massage for neck pain and cervical spine -Head Massage for headache treatment - Hot stones Massage. - Reflexology Benefits of massage: - Relieve muscle pain as it helps to rid of the body Toxins and the waste products in the muscle, specifically the accumulation of lactic acid after exercise, - Increases the circulatory blood pumping a most appropriate for back pain. - Get rid of tension and stress, anxiety and depression, - Helps alleviation of depression in many patients, helps to deep sleep and improves the depth of sleep and efficiency. -Helps the body in fighting diseases or symptoms caused by stress and tension such as headaches or excessive eating, (Pathological gluttony) - Help in the distribution of fat to get rid of cellulite and helps to tighten the body. -  Helps slim people to weight gain; due to stimulate blood circulation, and some researchers believe that undergo a session massage once a week is important, or at least once every two weeks. - It is also the benefits it maintains the flexibility of the body and the softness of the skin, gets rid of the dead and harmful cells, Manual Therapy: - Joint mobilization and Manipulation - Mackenzy's approch - Mulligan Technique

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Orthopedic and sport injuries

special Unit for Sport injurys Rehabilitation & post operative Care Ligaments tear and ACL Reconstruction operation. Ankle Sprain ( Acute or Chronic). Muscle strain and Tear Inflammation of Ligaments – Tendons Joint stiffness & Muscle weakness After Fractures Rehabilitation Rehabilitation after Joint Replacment Balance and proprioception Training sport specific training. Gait Training

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicen is a new Branch of medicen that control acute and chronic muscle pain & spasm without the use of traditional medications the unit Provides the following services: - Cupping therapy. - Aquapuncture. - Dry needling. - Osteopathy.

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Pain manegment & Spinal Rehabilitation

The unit is equiped with the most advanced device for the Mechanical traction of the Cervical & Lumber Spine to Relieve the compresion on Nerve roots As a safe replacment of surgery. The unit Treats: - Disc prolapse, Pulge, Protrousion. - spondylosis  - spondylolishesis. - Lumbago. - Sciatica. - Scoliosis - kyphosis - Lordosis - Canal Stenosis & Nerve roots entrapment. - Rehabilitation after Disectomy - spinal Fusion - Laminectomy. - Mechanical Low Back Pain.

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Tree Of Life # Care.... And More

International Center Services

Life Center is the first accredited center of the hospital and Mndja Medical Tree of Life Czechs and the center processing of medical file all the required tests and sent to the Czech and the work necessary approvals to enter the hospital and booked the room and the extraction of the visa and airline tickets and the special delegate from the center to receive the patient at the airport and end all access and transfer the patient to the hospital by limousine special place measures and be in the patient's particular interpreter is waiting for the duration of the presence of the patient .

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